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The bee products factory of AHCOF group is original built in Chaohu, Hefei, Anhui, in 2002. It is located in Chaohu city, which is one of major honey production area in Anhui province.

The factory covers an area of over 25000 sq.m, and reach to 10,000 metric tons of honey production. Our bee products is popular selling to Europe, Asia, Australia and many other countries all over the world and wins great reputation among our customer.

As a state-owned group enterprise, we stick to the vision of "Supply the best food worldwide and benefit all". We care about our reputation moreover profit.

With own bee-keeping base and strict traceability system, we ensure the pure source of every drop of honey, from bee farm to our customer.

We stay close to the bee product association and keep contact with national inspection authorities and top labs in or out of China, such as CIQ, Intertek, QSI, Eurofin etc.

Main Function

Propolis has the function of disinfection, bacteriostasis, mildew prevention and antisepsis. In daily life, propolis can be used for the treatment of small skin diseases or wound disinfection.

Propolis is known as an antioxidant and free radical scavenger.

Propolis can help remove excess reactive oxygen species, free radicals and other waste generated by obesity, overwork, environmental pollution, smoking and other bad living habits and external factors.Propolis is known as "human vascular scavenger".

Increasing immunity
The body's immune system is vulnerable to viruses, and propolis can help boost the body's defenses against them.

Promote cell regeneration
A large number of clinical trials have shown that propolis can accelerate tissue regeneration and promote wound healing.

Propolis is known as female beauty products, its antioxidant properties help break down pigments, smooth wrinkles and slow aging. Propolis has also been shown to help with menopausal symptoms.

Regulate blood glucose
Propolis is rich in trace elements and plays an important role in the prevention and control of diabetes, Moreover, flavonoids and terpenes in propolis can promote the synthesis of exogenous glucose into liver glycogen, which has a bidirectional regulation of blood glucose.In simple terms, it helps maintain blood sugar balance.

Liver Care
Propolis has better function of protecting liver.Propolis flavonoids, phenols, acids can promote cell regeneration, prevent liver fibrosis, repair liver cells.

Protect cardiovascular health
Flavonoids contained in propolis have strong antioxidant capacity, which can help reduce the harm of lipid peroxide to blood vessels, help prevent vascular sclerosis, reduce triglyceride, reduce platelet aggregation and improve micro-circulation.


Pure propolis

Propolis powder Propolis concentration: 50%/60%/ 70%

Proplis Tablets Propolis content, shape, specifications can be customized.

Propolis soft capsules Propolis content, shape, specifications can be customized.



ISO 9001


Main market

America, Europe, Middle East, Japan, Singapore, etc.

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Q: How to use propolis?

A: ①When taking propolis on an empty stomach, it is better for the body to absorb, but when taking propolis can not be taken with tea.

②Taking propolis should avoid taking with western medicine, especially the western medicine with bigger side effects. Propolis can enhance the effect of medicine, and it can also increase the side effects of Western medicine.

③Propolis can be added to milk, coffee, honey and other drinks to improve the taste of propolis, but also to avoid the phenomenon of propolis sticking to the wall.Can drop propolis on the filter mouth of cigarette, can reduce coke quantity not only, and still can reduce the inhalation quantity of tar, reduce the body damage to smoking person.

④It is recommended for all but pregnant women and those with allergies.(This includes diabetics and children, but allergen testing is recommended before consumption.)

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