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The bee products factory of AHCOF group is original built in Chaohu, Hefei, Anhui, in 2002. It is located in Chaohu city, which is one of major honey production area in Anhui province.

The factory covers an area of over 25000 sq.m, and reach to 10,000 metric tons of honey production. Our bee products is popular selling to Europe, Asia, Australia and many other countries all over the world and wins great reputation among our customer.

As a state-owned group enterprise, we stick to the vision of "Supply the best food worldwide and benefit all". We care about our reputation moreover profit.

With own bee-keeping base and strict traceability system, we ensure the pure source of every drop of honey, from bee farm to our customer.

We stay close to the bee product association and keep contact with national inspection authorities and top labs in or out of China, such as CIQ, Intertek, QSI, Eurofin etc.


Rape pollen

Tea pollen

Mixed pollen

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Tea pollen is the king of pollen, with the highest vitamin content among other common pollen, with B vitamins as the most. Therefore, camellia pollen can regulate metabolism, maintain the health of skin and muscle, and improve the function of immune system and nervous system.



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America, Europe, Middle East, Japan, Singapore, etc.

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Q: How should bee pollen be stored?

A: Better pollen storage can be achieved when stored at -1~-5℃. Fresh bee pollen can be stored in cold storage, refrigerator or low temperature freezer at -18 to -20℃ for several years without deterioration, and the effect is basically the same as that of freshly harvested bee pollen.

If only room temperature storage, please try to dry bee pollen sealed storage.

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